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2/28 Minutes

1.     Marketing Panel Recap

a.     50+ people, thanks from panelists, too much food, listserv

b.     Better room than 453, marketing lead time, detailed responses for panelists

c.     Engaged students and faculty, some alumni, questions and interaction, right marketing channels, utilizing marketing department and classes,

2.     Coffee Machine

a.     Voting, fliers, etc.

b.     Facebook, newsletter

c.     Restocking responsibilities - undergraduate program interns

3.     PAs

a.     Water Bottles (fliers)

b.     Events - resume event, set a date for the event.  social media event

c.     Developing leaders, integrating them into our processes, bring David and Wilmon

4.     Interview Prep Workshop

5.     Marketing

a.     Blogs - with the coffee machine event

b.     Postering

6. Processes for event planning in terms of undergraduate programs, go through David for purchases

7. Resource Request Form - $100 approved to buy coffee and tea for the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club’s March 5th event.

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Minutes 2/7/2013

  • One minute video for each student organization and posted blackboard and shown to FYDP students!
  • Everyone write a short blurb to put in the UBA blog 
  • For example, Spring B2B recap, impact on student experience with the coffee machine.
  • Getting rid of the water bottles- keep by the water bottle. Keep a piece of paper inside water bottle for coffee launch 
  • Have students vote on the coffee flavors on the Facebook page!
  • Get tumblers to sell to students. 
  • GWDECAs registration fee will be covered 
  • The PAs will be running a “PA EVENT” and the resume speed dating event 
  • We also discussed the Gala. 

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Minutes 1/31/2013

1)    Marketing and Website

a.     Image campaign

b.     WordPress or Subscription

2)    Programming

a.     Marketing Panel

                                               i.     Feb. 26th a 7 pm

                                             ii.     Kendall or 4th floor lobby

                                            iii.     Working with GWWIB

                                            iv.     Speakers

                                             v.     Goal is 100 students

b.     Other event ideas

                                               i.     Resume and elevator pitch speed dating

1.     Week of March 4th

                                             ii.     LGBT event

                                            iii.     Gala

3)    Affiliates

a.     GWDECA

b.     President’s Meeting

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Minutes 12/10/2012

1)    Dean Guthrie

a.     Productive meeting about space concerns

b.     Advocating for Undergraduate space, dedicated undergraduate

c.     Coffee machine on the fourth floor

2)    Lemonade Day

a.     Lemonade day becomes an affiliate.

3)    American Business Event

a.     Nancy Mitchell sent over documents

b.     Catering taken care of

c.     Already 15 people reserved (not including e-board members)

4)    Survey

a.     Live

b.     JJ send to Jenna for GWSB NewsLetter

c.     Tabling – Tuesday and Thursday, get some snacks and coffee for tabling.

                                               i.     Todd – 1PM

                                             ii.     Adam – 1 PM

d.     Share amongst E-Board networks

e.     Twitter and Facebook

f.      Presidents of Affiliate orgs

g.     Classes

h.     Position this a study break

i.      FYDP listserv and Ambassador

j.      Class listserv (Jenna)

5)    Spring Back 2 Business

a.     Evites going out this week to save the date

                                               i.     Friday January 18

                                             ii.     12-2:30pm

b.     Duques 1st floor lobby

c.     T Shirt options:


                                             ii.     OOshirts

d.     Questions for Office of Events in Room 355

                                               i.     Music?

                                             ii.     How many tables fit in the first floor lobby?

                                            iii.     Giveaways?

                                            iv.     Food?

e.     Tables:

                                               i.     Affiliate orgs

                                             ii.     Advising

                                            iii.     FDFCC

                                            iv.     International Student Association? (Andrea)  /Study Abroad

6)    Officer Reports

a.     Adam, Parth, and Doriel – Met with Joel from the Career Center to talk about website and social media.

b.     Design a website, and have them update the current website

                                               i.     Maintenance?

                                             ii.     SA funding.

c.     Quyhn  - PA project

                                               i.     Online branding with social media and LinkedIn

                                             ii.     International Students Networking Session

                                            iii.     Informative event on Visas and ISO

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Minutes 11/26/2012


1.     Logo

a.     Build on logo and reach out to staff to understand rules.

2.     Freshman recruiter ready panel

a.     Probably not enough time. Wait for next semester.

3.     Survey


                                               i.     Advising

1.     Freshman importance and usage

                                              ii.     Career Center

1.     Freshman experience

                                            iii.     Undergraduate Programming

1.     Awareness

                                            iv.     Affiliates

1.     Accessibility

                                              v.     Final general questions

1.     Sense of community

b.     Develop questions

c.      Distribution:

                                               i.     Tabling – With prizes

                                              ii.     Google Doc

                                            iii.     Raffle? Gift card?

                                            iv.     Facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.

                                              v.     Study break during finals?

                                            vi.     Have draft ready for next Monday and have E-board take it

d.     American Business Event

                                               i.     Small group of students

                                              ii.     International students

                                            iii.     “Doing business in…”

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With over 55 students and faculty in attendance, the UBA’s ”Recruiter Ready Finance and Accounting Panel” held last Tuesday was a great success.  The panel featured knowledgeable and experienced representatives from PwC, Fidelity Investments, Ernst & Young, and the GWSB community.   Each panelist was eager to provide students with important information and possible opportunities regarding recruitment, interviews, internships, and full-time positions.  Freshman Priyanka Vashisth, who was in attendance on Tuesday, said: “The different perspectives of the company recruiters definitely allowed me to get familiarized with the recruiting process.”  For students of all ages, there was a lot to learn from the panel.  The networking session held after the panel was great, as students were able to ask the panelists questions, speak with them on a more personal level, and build their professional network .  “The speakers were very informative and the networking session was an exciting opportunity to meet new people and make new connections,” said Freshman Parth Rege. The UBA would like to thank all students who were in attendance, the panelists, and the F. David Fowler Career Center for all of your support. We hope all students benefited from this unique event and are now truly “recruiter ready”. 

"The finance and accounting panel was a great way to continue expanding my knowledge of recruitment and the industry as a whole.  As a junior concentrating in finance, it is crucial to get a summer internship that could lead to a full time position when I graduate. Application deadlines are approaching and interviews are starting so attending the panel was relevant and useful!"
-Marissa Weiner, GWSB Junior concentrating in Finance

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Minutes 11/19/2012

Spring 2013 Goals:

            Establish connections between UBA and professors

            More Panels for other business concentrations, especially Marketing

            Projects for PAs

Finance/Accounting Panel


                        55 people attended – profession dress

                        Good feedbacks from students, recruiters and career center

                        Great introduction for FYDP students and discussions with students

                        Catering, good backup from the disaster,


                        Primary focus on freshmen (FYDP) students

                        Only 2 alumni showed up (used to have 5)

                        Microphone system

            Goal: For future Panels

                        Reach out more to people who can help to prepare and promote panels 

                        Get PAs participate in future panels

                        Attract more Alumni to the event

                        Have a student speaker in the Panel

                        Nametags for any professional speakers or recruiters

                        Future panels need to involve more sophomores, juniors and seniors

American Business Event  

            Time: Wed Dec 12, between 11 -2pm

            Small group of students (20-30 students)


            Facebook event - RSVP

            Target: School of Business International Students

                         JJ – contact with advisors of             International Students to promote the event

            Contact speaker: Alex

            Alyaa- Send out Google Doc

New Affiliates

            Meet after thanksgiving break

            Bring PAs to the meeting

            Introduce Career Center request form to new affiliates

Officer Reports


            Promote/Introduce career center request form to school of business organizations

            Help organizations to get directly access to the resources of the career center

            Introduce this form in the upcoming President Meetings

JJ: Survey

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Minutes 11/12/2012

11/12 E-Board Agenda

1.     New Affiliate Orgs

a.     We want to set up a meeting wi REIDO and Private Equity and Venture Capital

b.     Goals, leadership, members, events, future plans

c.     Invite them to Spring Back 2 Business, January 18

d.     Maybe in the Duques Lobby, need to talk the Dean

2.     Finance/Accounting Panel

a.     Adam update: the storm and rescheduling really messed up our plans for the panel.  Betsy Smith cannot make it.  Lara and Todd will moderate.

b.     PwC, Fidelity, Ernst and Young, all confirmed.  Bank of America had to pull out.  In conversations with PNC, Congressional Bank, and Bank of Navy.

c.     All logistics are set.

3.     American Business Event

a.     Talk to Jenna about the etiquette professional

b.     International students

c.     Need to RSVP

d.     Get catering taken care of

4.     Officer Reports

a.     Get the Project Assistants to do a quick interview with the new career counselors

b.     Post to OCR, and the GWSB newsletter 

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Minutes 11/5/12



11/05 E-Board Minutes

1) Project Assistant

b. Trying to introduce to different administrators

c. Introductions of PA’s

d. Introduction of the E-Board Members

e. Will use the PA’s as a marketing tool to reach freshman

f. Discussion of different ideas and possible initiatives from PA’s

   i. FYDP instructors giving introductions to possible concentrations

   ii. Other ideas will be engaged on an individual basis

2) Finance/Accounting Panel

a. Panel in Duques 451, networking session in the 4th Floor Lobby

b. Updated panelists – still waiting on some confirmations

c. New marketing push – possible tabling tomorrow from 3:30-5:30

d. Will reach out to FYDP, Presidents Listserve, Ambassadors and student leaders again

3) Resource Request Form

a. Possible website updates for marketing channels

b. Need to promote this form on a more intense level

c. Can help promote minor or major events run by individual business school students

d. Incentives for utilizing the Resource Request Form

4) American Business Event

a. The details of business etiquette for doing business in America

b. Writing professional emails and other American ways of doing business

c. Sharing advice over lunch or food

5) Officer Reports

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Minutes 10/22/12

1)    Project Assistant

a.     Congratulations to Allison Dodakian (PA Marketing), Parth Rege (PA Career Services), Amrita Miglani (PA Events), Quynh Van (PA General), and Pryanka Vashisth (PA General) for being accepted as the UBA’s Project Assistants!

2)    New Affiliate Interest Forms

a.     Processing forms this week. A lot of forms so far.

b.     Affiliates would only start in the spring.

3)    Finance/Accounting Panel

a.     Business casual required. Business professional preferred.

b.     Going to be wild card event

c.     Newsletter

d.     Pushing marketing for Panel – print out and put in Duques.

e.     Possibly using TV screens with flyer on it.

f.      Goal: 100 people

g.     Will not have introductions by students about experiences.

h.     Schedule of events will be sent out to UBA soon.

i.      Send out e-vites

j.      Table Duques 3:30 – 5:00 Thursday 10/25

4)    Survey and future events

a.     A lot of little projects throughout the semester

b.     Survey: Start a Google doc discussion of good questions for a survey. 15-20 questions both qualitative and quantitative.